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Crop Claims

Learn about the crop claims process

COUNTRY Financial® will be with you every step of the way this season as always. As a multi-line insurance and financial services company, we prepare every year to cover potential losses with surplus and reinsurance. We have the means to take care of you and your crops. We've built our solid reputation helping farmers recover from loss.


Before you turn in a loss:

  • Review your Summary of Coverage for accuracy
  • Verify the information certified at FSA matches the information submitted on your insurance acreage report and matches how the crop is sold in every respect.
    • Ownership of the crop (names)
    • Acreage (the nearest tenth)
    • Location (optional units)
    • Share (percentage of the crop you own)

Find a Representative

Enter your ZIP code to find a COUNTRY Financial Representative in your area.

To report your loss: 

  • Contact your local COUNTRY® Financial representative, who will then take your information and start the claims process. 

After you have turned in your notice of loss:

  • Set aside time to discuss your harvest plans with an adjuster. It is important to speak with your crop adjuster BEFORE destroying any crops.
    • If submitting your notice before harvest:
      • Understand your Unit Structure
      • Commercial Storage or Sales
      • Feeding harvested production to livestock
      • Farm Stored Production
  • Get any acreage that will not be harvested appraised 
    • Silage (we must appraise or set up representative strips before silage is cut)
    • Grazing
  • Understand Grain Quality Issues
  • Consider the following questions:
    • Do you qualify for Simplified Claim Process?
    • Do you want to defer your loss payment until 2013?
    • Do you have any concerns to discuss with your crop adjuster?

Learn more...

For more details, review the printable crop claims checklist. For expected large losses, review the APH Review Guidelines. 

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