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Losing a Loved One

Make insurance and financial plans and take comfort in knowing your family will be financially secure when you're gone.

Having others around to help and support you when you lose a loved one is comforting.

During this stressful time, one of the last things on your mind is worrying about changes to your insurance and financial matters. Or, maybe some time has gone by and now it’s on the top of your list of concerns.

Either way, we are here to help ease your mind about your financial future now that a loved one has passed. A COUNTRY Financial® representative can help you make the necessary changes to your insurance and financial matters as part of a tangible plan External Link.

Insurance Considerations

  • Handling life insurance needs

    One of the first things you’ll need to do after the loss of a loved one is to talk to your COUNTRY Financial representative if the deceased had life insurance. Your financial representative will guide you on how to file a life insurance claim as soon as possible to help take care of funeral, burial, and other final expenses.

  • Making changes to your existing insurance policies

    Oftentimes, the loss of a loved one creates the need to make changes to your existing insurance policies. This may include things like changing the name on your homeowner’s insurance policy, removing the driver from your auto policy, and updating coverage amounts. A COUNTRY Financial representative can sit down with you to go through all of your current policies and help you determine the updates you need to make.      


Financial Considerations

If you receive a lump-sum benefit from a life policy and/or proceeds from your loved one’s retirement plan, you’ll face decisions on what to do with it.

  • Education needs

    If you have children, you may consider putting some of the money aside to fund future education needs.  
  • Retirement

    Your own financial future and needs for retirement shouldn’t be ignored. Due to your loss, you’re life has changed dramatically, and this is the time to review your situation to see how it impacts your plans for retirement. 
  • Trusts

    If you have specific ideas on how the assets you receive are distributed to your heirs, you might consider a trust.


Putting It All Together

If you’ve lost a loved one, it’s more important now than ever to have a tangible plan to ensure the financial security of you and your family. You can get that plan by putting our experience and financial strength to work for you. All it takes is a call to a COUNTRY Financial representative in your neighborhood.   

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