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Preparing for your own future ties directly to the kind of legacy you can leave your loved ones.
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Leaving a Legacy

Not just for the rich and famous

Planning financial affairs may seem like a task for only the wealthy, but that’s not true. Setting measurable financial goals and coming up with a strategy to reach them should be on everyone’s to-do  list.

Because life takes unexpected turns, having your affairs in order at all times is important to your peace of mind and to those you care about.


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Financial Considerations

Preparing for your own future ties directly to the kind of legacy you can leave. No matter where you’re starting from, COUNTRY Financial® can help you along the path to a financially secure future.

  • Mutual Funds

    Time has a significant impact on how much your savings may grow so, ideally, you should start investing with your first steady job and paycheck. Mutual funds are a good way to do that. Even if you invest only a small amount of money at first, you could end up with significantly more than someone who waits to begin. You’ll also be establishing good financial habits.      

  • Education Funding

    If you have children or grandchildren, putting money aside for their future education is probably on your mind. With tuition ever-increasing these days, funding a child’s education isn’t something to postpone.

    In the long run, funding a child’s education is a gift that will never lose value, go out of style, or be returned. It’s a gift that will leave a lasting mark on the lives of those you love – a legacy that will be carried throughout a child’s lifetime.

  • IRAs

    What are your dreams for a financially secure retirement? Traveling? Helping your children and grandchildren? Enjoying a summer home or boat? Indulging your lifelong passion?

    Whatever your dreams for retirement may be, remaining financially independent is undoubtedly part of your dream. No one wants to have to depend on others to help support them in their retirement years, so taking advantage of every opportunity to make your retirement future secure is important to do now. An IRA is one of the ways you can build for a financially secure retirement.  

  • Trusts

    There are more uses for a trust than you may realize. Keeping your assets out of probate, having your wishes carried out precisely as you want, passing assets on to those you designate, and having your money managed for you while you’re living, or in the event you’re incapacitated and can’t make financial decisions are just a few. Your trust can be designed so you leave exactly the kind of legacy you’ve always wanted. 

  • Managed accounts

    Hiring someone to make your money work harder can have a profound impact on your financial situation now and in the future. By having investment experts invest your money for you, you’ll be free to concentrate on more important issues, like your family, your job . . .  your life.  


Insurance Considerations

  • Life insurance

    If something happens to you, how financially secure will your family be? Life insurance is an important aspect of the legacy you’ll leave because it protects your family from financial loss if you die prematurely. 

    And remember to periodically review your beneficiary designations to make sure they’re accurate. You can arrange for proceeds from your life insurance to go to your children, grandchildren, or your favorite charities.

  • Long term care insurance

    We’re living longer, and that’s great. It does, though, increase your risk of needing healthcare over an extended period of time, and that can be very expensive. Long term care insurance can provide coverage for services that other medical plans don’t typically cover. It can provide protection not only for nursing home care and assisted living care, but for home and community care as well.  


Putting It All Together

Your life isn’t static. You may marry, have children, change careers, receive an inheritance, or experience any number of life-altering events. Your tangible plan External Link from COUNTRY isn’t static either. We’ll periodically update your plan as your needs change to help you be ready for what comes your way.

Find out more about how our products and services can help you leave a legacy of financial security by contacting a COUNTRY Financial representative near you.

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