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Being a Parent

There are days when no job is harder than a parent's. Protect your family with life insurance.

There are days when no job is harder than a parent’s. 

Running a family often takes the same skills as running a business – without time off benefits or a weekly paycheck.

Parents are managers, drivers, and psychologists. They’re cooks, housekeepers, and bookkeepers. They’re child care providers and computer operators. And through it all, they provide round-the-clock love.

A parent’s work environment is often chaotic, so it can be easy to overlook some simple steps you can take to make sure your family is properly protected.

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Insurance Considerations

  • Update Your Auto and Home Insurance

    Growing a family often results in home purchases, home renovations, new belongings, and even an extra vehicle or two. So it’s important to review your coverage for what you own on a regular basis. Download a household inventory checklist to keep track of your stuff!

  • Review Your Life Insurance Needs

    If something happened to you, your family will still have to go on. And as your family grows, you likely have more to protect. Could they survive financially if you were gone?

    The right life insurance protection can help your family deal with day-to-day expenses – and larger costs, too – like the mortgage and college educations. Find out how much life insurance you might need.

  • Is it Time for an Umbrella?

    If someone was injured on your property - or you were responsible for another’s injuries in an auto accident - your liability costs could be significant. Consider an umbrella policy for added protection.

Financial Considerations

Putting It All Together

Being a parent is often the most hectic stage of life. COUNTRY can help take the stress out of making sure your family is protected financially – both now and in the future.

No matter where you’re starting from, we can help your family achieve financial security. Contact your local COUNTRY Financial representative today to schedule an Insurance and Financial Review!

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