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Know the Building Blocks to Financial Security

If you’re feeling that way, stop by your local COUNTRY Financial® representative’s office to review your situation. We can help you create a tangible plan External Link that we’ll periodically update as your needs change.

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Get step-by-step advice on how to meet your goals.

Insurance and investments are becoming increasingly complicated, and staying up to date is time consuming.

That’s why it makes sense to meet with a COUNTRY representative and get expert step-by-step guidance on key building blocks that support the financial future of your family.

In fact, it’s only by considering and balancing these building blocks together that you can hope to achieve true financial security.

The Building Blocks to Financial Security

Secure your property
  • Secure Your Property

    Your home and your vehicle are probably the most valuable physical assets you have. If they’re not adequately insured, the loss of either one could spell financial ruin.

Secure your income
  • Secure Your Income

    If you passed away, would your family be provided for? How long would they be able to get by on the amount they received? Would they have to make changes in their lifestyle? Would your children have the same opportunities in life? Make sure your life is adequately insured External Link.
Secure your retirement
  • Secure Your Retirement

    After working your whole life, will your retirement years really be “golden” years? Or, will you have to cut back and shelve all those retirement dreams you once had? Through proper investing and retirement planning, you can build now for a financially secure tomorrow.
Secure your children's future
  • Secure Your Children’s Future

    The cost of college is rising dramatically. Will your children be able to afford the education they want and need? It’ll be here before you know it. That’s why starting now to plan for those future education funding needs can make a big impact on your family’s financial future.
Secure your health
  • Secure Your Health

    For most of us, not being able to work as a result of injury or permanent disability would have an immediate and lasting impact on our ability to pay our bills. With disability insurance and long term care coverage, you can secure your home and family if you’re unable to work.

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